zippo… nada… nothing…

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Tecfidera Blog

Three months ago today I swallowed my first dose of Tecfidera not knowing how my body would react to this new and promising drug for multiple sclerosis… and today I am happy to report that I have not had any adverse reactions… zippo… nada… nothing… no flushing… no gastro upset of any kind… zippo… nada… nothing… while I have had some minor improvements in my day to day struggle with multiple sclerosis, it is not anything of significance… it is so very important to manage my expectations and not let myself get caught up in any placebo effects… will return to doctor this month to again check white blood count and liver enzymes… hopefully they will be within normal limits… while I am still hopeful that Tecfidera will improve my day to day quality of life, I will be quite happy if it simply puts the brakes on the progression of this insidious disease… all in all, I am pleased with my progress for the first 90 days… stay tuned…

  1. ashley1711 says:

    I have been on Tecfidera for two weeks, although my titration schedule is a little bit different. I guess that with the biogen titration schedule people seemed to have more issues. The titration scheule that I was asked to followed is as follows:

    First two weeks – 120mg with breakfast
    Second two weeks – 120mg with breakfast and 120mg with dinner
    Third two weeks – 240mg with breakfast and 120mg with dinner
    Maintence dose – 240mg twice daily (at least 4 hours apart)

    This schedule seems to be better to minimize the adverse effects… For people who are starting off, ask your neurologist if this might be a better way to start.

    I have been okay with Tecfidera, I am just so happy to not be on Copaxone anymore…. Those injections hurt!!!

    Hoping that everything will stay positive on this road to having a some what normal life.

    Stay positive everyone!

  2. Jan says:

    How can I get on the blog?

  3. lib825 says:

    Please share your thoughts here and/or email me at

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