starter dose done…

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Tecfidera Blog

just finished the tecfidera starter dose… 120mg bid for seven days… took doses 12 hours apart… 7am and 7pm… took 325mg aspirin half hour before each dose… also ate some food before each dose… went entire week without any reactions… no flushing… no gastro upset… nothing… nada… zippo… start 240mg bid maintenance dose tomorrow morning… will blog progress again tomorrow… stay tuned…

  1. lib825 says:

    congrats and thanks for sharing – please keep us posted

  2. Done with day 3 of Tecfidera starter dose. No aspirin this morning, nothing much to eat either; just a couple slices of raisin toast. Felt perfectly fine. Went into town, did some shopping, helped a friend look for her cat, and then planted some flowers at home! So far so good!! And NO GASTRIC UPSET OF ANY KIND ♥

  3. lib825 says:

    I stayed close by home my first two days in case I had a reaction.

  4. tim brooks says:

    I’ll start mine next week. I live and work in a small town in Mexico. I think I’ll go to Mexico City to take first dose. I want to be in an area where I can get some help if needed.

  5. lib825 says:

    I just eat my usual breakfast – fruit and cereal – and then dinner – nothing special

  6. Jennifer says:

    What type of foods are you eating before the doses and how much? I don’t want to eat the wrong foods. I mean, I’m obviously not going to eat an Activia yogurt first. You know what I mean?

  7. Felicia says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog tonight after finding the facebook page on Oral Tecfidera. Thank you for starting this blog and documenting your journey. I was diagnosed a year ago and have been on Copaxone since my diagnosis. I wish you the best of luck and i hope to read in future posts that BG-12 is working out great for you.

  8. lib825 says:

    Please share your thoughts here and/or email me at

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