day one – dose one…

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Tecfidera Blog

Woke up this morning just a tad anxious about my first dose of tecfidera… my mind traveled back some thirty years to what, in retrospect, was my first symptom of multiple sclerosis… clonus in my left ankle while building a sandbox for my kids… fast forward through years of chemo infusions, crab injections and angioplasty procedures… and now another threshold beckons me… a promising, albeit expensive, little green pill… having consumed everything available about tecfidera on the net, it was time to swallow my first dose… had some breakfast… took a 325mg aspirin to possibly mitigate flushing… waited half hour… opened the bottle… took the pill… and drank a 16oz bottle of water… about three hours later started to feel a very slight tingling in my face and arms… but did not feel hot… did not feel uncomfortable… and it did not last but a few minutes… temp, bp, pulse all normal… not sure it would have even been noticed by me had it not been anticipated because of things read on the net about possible reactions… no gastro reactions thus far… stay tuned…

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